Sunday, 11 July 2010

Color Contact Lenses - an Easy Way to Change Your Look!

By Tanya Turner

Want to change something about your appearance? How about your eye color? You would be amazed how eye color affects your image. Find out what color contacts can do for your appearance and see how to get the best out of them

Color contact lenses options 

Enhancement contact lenses are designed to enhance the color of light eyes. They don’t change your color, but give your eyes a light blue, aqua or green tint. Enhancement color lenses make your eye color brighter and more defined. 

The most popular enhancement color contacts are Acuvue 2 Colors Enhancers by Johnson & Johnson and Freshlook Dimensions by Ciba Vision. Freshlook Radiance is also a very interesting design; these lenses create an illuminating effect. Enhancement color contacts only work on light eyes; on dark eyes they will not have any effect at all. 

Opaque color contacts completely change the color of your eyes. They work equally well for light and dark eyes. Even if you have a very dark brown eyes, opaque color contacts like Freshlook Colorblends can transform your color into sapphire blue or jade green.

The color of an opaque color lens isn’t solid - it has an imprinted pattern that simulates the natural pattern of a human eye. High quality opaque color contacts like Acuvue 2 Color opaque or Freshlook Colorblends look very realistic. People would be amazed by what beautiful blue, green or amethyst eyes you have.

See pictures of different types of color contact lenses at

Costume color contacts are always Halloween favorites. While the contacts mentioned above are designed to give your eyes a different but realistic looking color, costume lenses can give you cat’s eyes or werewolf eyes, while complete whiteouts are perfect for the effect of blind eyes. And who said that you can only wear costume color contacts for a costume party? It can be a real fun to wear them when going to the club, or just at school or work with otherwise ordinary clothes. With a pair of cat’s eyes, you are guaranteed to be noticed.

Most costume contacts only cover the color area of your eye. However, there are also scleral color contacts that cover the visible portion of your eye. Scleral lenses can produce unbelievable effects. The most popular costume contacts are Crazy Lenses by Cooper Vision and Wild Eyes by Ciba Vision.

All brand-name color and costume contact lenses are available with corrective powers as well as in plano (no correction) This means that if your eyesight isn’t perfect and you wear corrective contact lenses anyway, you can get color lenses with corrective powers and kill two birds with one stone.

See pictures of people wearing costume Halloween contact lense at

Color contact lenses wearing advice

1. You should follow the same rules as for regular contact lenses - wash your hands before putting color lenses in, clean the lenses each time you use them and store them in a contact lens case in a special solution.
2. Color lenses are like your tooth or hair brash, and should not be shared with other people
3. You should put your make-up on after the lenses are in. If you use hairspray, do it before you put the lenses in, or shut your eyes very tightly while spraying.
4. Use only a mild multipurpose solution for cleaning your color contacts; never use peroxide based solutions. And don’t rub the lenses - it can damage the color
5. If you don’t wear your lenses often, change the solution they are stored in at least once a week
6. Don’t wear your color contacts for longer than 8 hours at a time

Your eyes and your hair are probably the two things most people notice first. And with color contacts you can have any eye color you want. Try them, and I am sure you will see many men turning their heads when you pass.

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By Tom

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A Brief History of Tattooing

By David Z

Because the historical and archaeological records of most forms of body art are incomplete, we still don't know where and where tattooing originated.

Tattooed mummies provide the earliest concrete evidence of tattoo, and these have been found in various parts of the world, from Nubia to Peru. Probably t he most ancient tattooed man is the "Iceman", a Bronze Age man uncovered after being frozen in a glacier on the Tyrolean Alps since 3000 B.C. A tattooed band of stripes was found on his lower back, a simple cross on the inside of his left knee and more stripes on his right ankle.

There are many examples of tattooing in ancient Egypt, the oldest found on the mummy of Egyptian priestess of the goddess Hathor at Thebes, Amunet, who lived approximately 4000 years ago, she was tattooed with parallel lines of dots. Because of her religious status, some archaeologists have speculated that her body art had spiritual or magical connotations. Others feel the designs were of sexual nature.

Some of the most diverse, ornate, and bizarre body art was found in the mysterious and complex world of Maya between 300 and 900 A.D. For Maya, body modification, whether temporary or permanent, were done for spiritual reasons as well as beautification. Full body tattoos or facial tattoos, were acquired by men and women.

When Captain James Cook set sail in his Endeavor in 1769, he visited many islands of Pacific Ocean, most of which included tattooing as part of their culture. It's Cook who gave us the "tattoo" word based on similar words in Polynesian cultures that were used to describe the practice.

On board the Endeavor was Sir Joseph Banks. Along with cataloging many types of animal and plant life, Banks documented the indigenous cultures at every stop along the way. Included in these notes are many references to tattooing. When Banks returned to England in 1771, he disembarked with a permanent memento of his voyage: the very fist tattoo on a modern Western man!

On December 8,1891, the first electric tattoo machine was registered by inventor Samuel O'Reilly, at the United States Patent Office. He began working out of a barber shop in New York City, calling his business a "tattoo parlor" - the first tattoo studio in the United States.

Soon tattoo parlors were springing up all over the country. During the First and Second World Wars, different branches of military adopted tattooing as a means of mystical protection, a souvenir or remembrance.

In the mid-1970s, tattooists began holding tattoo conventions. Tattoo artists from all over the countries gathered together as a group to talk shop and show off their work.

Due to the conventions, magazines, and other kinds of exposure, tattooing began to emerge as a form of fashion. People started to recognize its artistic merit and use it as a way to express personality and religious belief.

Charles Darwin, in The Descent of Man, observed that "Not one great country can be named, in which the aborigines do not tattoo themselves." Ancient and modern peoples have used tattoos as means to a seemingly infinite number of ends.

Today we are experiencing one of the biggest revivals ever. The combination of technology, historical awareness and artistic ability has taken tattoo to heights never before imaged.

7 Great Steps to Have the Perfect Makeup

By Kristine Llabres


1. Do not wear too much makeup! It means that to enhance features not bring attention to you will be done by the makeup. That is what too much wearing of makeup will do. It will just bring unwanted attention to you. Never wear too thick eyeliner it will just make you look overdone and will just ruin your whole packaging. Avoid using too much mascara for it looks unnatural and it will flake. Make sure that your foundation is the same as your skin color. You must blend it well and remember that it meant to protect and give your face a smooth look. Avoid having obvious lines due to uneven blend of your powder. Ew!

2. Always apply a lip liner to completely cover the lips and then add color and your lipstick will definitely stay much longer. However, make sure that your lip liner does not show and the color matches your skin tone. If you want to make your lips appear small then stay inside the outline of your lips. However, if you decide to make your lips look larger, going outside the natural outline of your lips is recommended.

3. Make sure to wear makeup that is appropriate for the occasion. For instance, you are going to the beach you should not wear the same or as much makeup as you would if you were going dancing. And of when you are in daylight your makeup should be a lighter than when you are out for the evening. 

4. Your perfect overall look. When your makeup is completed it should look natural. That simply means avoiding color that clash. If you have dark skin and hair you will look better in darker shades, light colors will make you look washed out. If your hair and skin tone are light, light colors will be better to you. if you have oily skin, it is better to use first oil control moisturizer and foundation then be sure to wear lose powder and then retouch if necessary. 

5. Wearing makeup takes a lot of calculation. If you are unsure start with the light colors and then start slowly. Add one product at a time. You can start with foundation then mascara then blush on and lipstick. 

6. Your hair color. It should be in harmony with your skin. If you have a dark complexion then keep it close shade with you makeup. However if you have light hair, use light colors. As you age lighten up your makeup for it to look better and natural. 

7. Lastly, always keep your makeups looking fresh and vibrant retouch when needed to get that perfect model look.